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Bolster Bra Sizing

Sizing for Popular Bolster Brands

Bolster Type Bolster Bra Size
Rectangular Large
Small/Junior Rectangular Small
Round/Cylindrical Small
Bolster Type Bolster Bra Size
Rectangular/Restorative/Round Small

To Calculate Sizing for Bolster:

Rectangular bolster sizes are L x W x H

Add the width and height then multiply by 2 (W + H x 2)

* eg. Bolster is 28 x 11.75 x 5"
(11.75 + 5) x 2 = 33.5" Order Large

If Total Is... Bolster Bra Size
< 32.25" (82cm) Small
> 32.25" (82cm) Large
Bolster Type Bolster Bra Size
All Round/Cylindrical Small

* Prana sized Bolster Bra currently unavailable

Need help with sizing? Email us with bolster brand or dimensions and we can help!

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