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Our Journey

Cynthia                                   Pam 

We were excited about going to yoga, especially yin. It was an hour where we could clear our minds and relax, releasing all worries and stress.  Sharing the studio space with others sharing the same intention was comforting and reassuring in that we all need time to release and let go.


Resting in the dimmed studio, everyone in the class had a studio bolster to assist us into positions being held for several minutes. The instructor had guided us into a supported forward fold. The bolster was placed on our legs while we bent forward and rested our face on it. I loved the deep stretch and holding the pose, but my mind could not relax. The bolsters are exposed to various body parts - clothed and unclothed - and it resides in a hot yoga studio all day. Fourty degrees Celsius and 40% humidity. That's a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Studios are way too busy to wash and dry fifty or more upholstered covers and put them back out for the next day. Nothing at all against the studios, that would be an onerous task that nobody would want!


We practice yoga to improve our health and be present in our practice so we began to explore ideas where we wouldn't be exposed to bacteria, viruses and other germs by indirect transmission; and where mindfulness could be maintained during the class. Purchasing a bolster was an option; however, carrying a bolster, a bag with mat etc was not practical. We loved the studio and class so had to think of something.


My mother agreed to sew bolster covers for us from a cute pattern purchased at the local fabric store. We were planning on taking them to class to cover the bolsters and wash after - when it was discussed that maybe others would want the same. We had noticed some people were bringing a pillowcase or a towel for the exact same reason. 


And so the journey began, the goal was to be able to offer functional, soft, eco-conscious, patterned bolster covers. The research started and finally the product was designed and manufactured. Made from PET recycled water bottles (plastic), the fabric is ultra-soft with unlimited options for designs. 


Many times throughout this process fear would come and go. Some days it was a present voice questioning the initial inspiration and stating all the reasons why it won't work. That dreaded ego that presents itself when stepping outside of the comfort zone. Luckily it didn't win and that tiny voice that says "you can do this" spoke louder. Don't stop believing!


Thank you to everyone for helping support this journey! 


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