Bolster Bra is your Personal Yoga Bolster Cover 

Countless people have used that bolster before you and now you're exposing yourself to who-knows-what?  The main benefit in using one of our bolster covers is to guard you against the indirect transmission of viruses/bacteria.  Take our durable, lightweight and ultra-soft Bolster Bra to your next class and relax completely knowing the surface is sanitary!  Our eco-conscious fabric wraps over the bolster and is secured by our signature BB magnetic buttons, also making it easy to remove.  Bolster Bra is a practical solution to purchasing and lugging around your own yoga bolster; our stylish, functional personal bolster covers fit easily into your yoga bag.  Step back into the studio and back into your comfort zone with Bolster Bra.

  • Ultra-soft environmentally friendly fabrics
  • Made from PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) recycled water bottles (plastic)
  • A variety of stylish designs and sizes to fit your personality
  • Machine washable in cold water - tumble dry on low (don't use fabric softener)
  • Includes signature BB magnetic buttons

Bolster Bra is a Canadian-born brand, ethically made in China.

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